Tuesday cheer-up : colors & sparkles


Give me one particular brand, and I will hardly ever like every single piece of the collection.

I don’t even have a favorite fashion brand (the “favorite” question sort of stresses me out : why would I have to pick a one-and-only when there are so many other great ones ? NB : this state of mind only applies to things, not to people^^).

I even almost take special delight in going to a store, making an inventory and deciding which piece is THE special-one-omg-I-have-to-buy-it-or-die. Then, I proudly buy it and auto-congratulate myself for being able to find that special something (so what, I’m a little bit freaky).

But once in a while,  magic happens. This was the case when I discovered the latest Gas Bijoux summer collection. Wow wow wow, how is it possible that every bracelet/earrings/necklace I see triggers a “I NEED IT” reaction in me ?

So I figured out I had 2 options :

      1. Go to the store and say “Hi, I’m buying everything” (I’m certainly putting this one on my bucket list)
      2. Have a look (for the fifth tenth time in a couple of weeks) at the pictures on the e-shop on a low-mood weekday and write about all the awesomeness of it.

With such inspirations as “Coachella escape” or “Bird of paradise”, I now understand how they managed to give birth to this refreshing, exotic line.

Bracelet Massaï Double Or

Double MASSAÏ Bracelet – Gold

This would look great with a total-white summer look. Or a little black dress. Or a pair of jeans and a matching color-block top. Well whatever… The mixes of colors, shapes, materials, everything in here is off the beaten path and makes you want to go on an tropical adventure (but with your jewels on, please ! )

Boucles d'oreilles GAÏA Plume & Métal Or

GAÏA Earrings – Feather & Gold Metal

Bracelet Massaï Strass Swarovski Or

Swarovski Strass & Gold MASSAÏ Bracelet

SHELLY Gold Bracelet

SHELLY Gold Bracelet

NB : I am not getting paid for any kind of advertising, but if somebody more or less related to this brand ever wants to reward me, you know what to do^^



In need of a bucket bag


I may actually need a bucket of cold water on my head to remind me that I don’t have enough money to spend on a it-bag right now.

But :

  1. Dreaming is free ! (in every color)
Saint-Laurent Small Emmanuelle fringe bucket bag

Saint-Laurent Small Emmanuelle fringe bucket bag

Gigi NewYork Jenn bucket ba

Gigi NewYork Jenn bucket bag

  1. Let’s talk practical : a bucket bag is both malleable and convenient to carry on all the mysterious stuff a woman could ever need during the day (and we all know this is a big issue)
Mansur Gavriel Brandy bucket bag

Mansur Gavriel Brandy bucket bag

  1. It has this little hippie-chic touch that is just perfect for this summer, whether you are heading to Coachella (one day) or just playing it cool in the city
Diane Von Furstenberg Disco Saddle Brown Suede and Leather Fringe Bucket Crossbody Bag

Diane Von Furstenberg Disco Saddle Brown Suede and Leather Fringe Bucket Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent Classic Small Emmanuelle fringed suede bucket bag

Saint Laurent Classic Small Emmanuelle fringed suede bucket bag



Wanderings about Fashion

I have always imagined that the day I would finally write my first blog post about fashion (it did take some time, but here I am !), I would brag about some super glamorous, classy, haute-couture outfits. I’m a lover of sparkles, cocktail dresses and high heels, and a fierce complainer of the fact that we don’t have enough occasions to really dress up in our daily lives.*

Well, I mean occasions when people actually expect each other to dress up.

The rest of the time, when “nobody cares”, or even worse, when “nobody’s looking”, most people – even the most “publicly-fashionable” ones – consider that it’s not worth it to make the effort to dress well. This is where I guess I need to make an intervention : to me, fashion is not an effort to make for others or for the idea that others will have of yourself. It is just a pleasure.

I can sure understand how being into fashion can be seen as caring a bit too much about what other people will superficially think of you at first sight. I can see how some people might think that dressing up is at best an unnecessary complication of life (it’s not comfortable and bla bla bla) and at worst a narrow-minded criteria for judging others.

Part of it is probably true, fashion lovers might have a little bit of a  “look-at-me-im-fabulous” intention  in mind when they are going out, and yes that part contributes to the “pleasure”.

But this is not where I take most of the pleasure from. .

To me, fashion is not necessarily the opposite of comfortable. When I dress up, I’m not trading my own well-being for the tiny possibility that some strangers might think I look good.  I don’t wear clothes just because some fashion magazines decided they were cool (warning : there will be a lot of bashing about the so-called “it-pieces of the season” in this blog , be prepared ! ).

I just probably most like fashion for two reasons that have nothing to do with other people’s opinions : I am amazed at the beauty that emanates from this form of art, both from the clothes themselves and from the magic that pops up when somebody puts them on. And it makes me feel like I’m truly taking care of myself.

That’s why in this first post, instead of the party dresses I decided to share some beautiful pieces of fashion to wear when “nobody’s looking”. Learn to dress for yourself !


Night blue kimono        Peach robe, almost like a dress

A classy way to stay at home with this printed kimono        Floral pajamas