Color therapy


After the recent tragic events here in Paris, everybody tries to cope with the situation as they can. For a lot of us, our reaction consisted in showing our determination to continue enjoying the little things that make our lives worth it :  going out, drinking wine at a terrasse, laughing with our friends… I have been deeply moved by such a brave and optimistic reaction and really proud to be a part of it. Showing so much positivity when facts are so negative is the smartest reply we could ever give back.

The idea sort of contaminated my fashion side and awakened a thought that pops up in my mind every once in a while : have you realized to which incredible point black and dark clothes usually dominate our wardrobes, especially during the cold season ?

Why don’t we match our outfits with our enthusiasm, our state of mind, our determination to be happy ? Sure, black is easy to wear and to associate with other colors, but with a little bit of practice, you will realize that avoiding dark colors (and still not looking like a clown) isn’t that difficult.

So let’s go out, smile and laugh, drink and party, with some happy, cheerful outfits !

If you lack inspiration , have a look at the following 0%-black winter outfits that I have imagined for you :



Winter in white




Winter in colors 2




Winter in colors




Treat of the day


Sometimes, you just need a little something to light up a gloomy day : a good laugh, a compliment, a kind text from your loved one, a smile from someone you don’t know… or a little something that you buy for yourself, for no reason, just to treat yourself well.

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are just perfect for that : tons of colors available, at a very affordable price… The only risk is, you might become addicted !