Holiday time : let go of the weight


Holiday season comes with two major changes in my fashion habits :

  • I can finally wear the outfits that I love but that I judged too extravagant for work (if I did, it must really be way beyond extravagant).
  • I can trade the “big handbag” I usually need to carry on all the work stuff for a cute, convenient mini-bag.

What a pleasure to let go of the weight of my everyday things (a purse full of useless loyalty cards, a makeup tote with dozens of products I don’t even use during the day, some snacks  I won’t even think of when I’m hungry) and just take the essential. I know that a lot of you are having a very hard time trying to sort through your things, but I can swear it’s worth a try !

Whether you’re just going for a walk, a shopping trip, or going to a party, it feels so much better to “travel light”. If you are planning a night out for New Year’s Eve, you might as well need a mini bag to feel free all night long !


My favorites :


  • Chloé – The brand is an expert in designing fashionista-heart-melting mini bags ! After the mini Drew, here is the Inez, a boho-chic mini bucket bag :
Chloe - Inez bucket bag

Chloe – Inez bucket bag


  • Sézane – If you read my blog, you must have understood that I’m an unconditional lover of this brand : clothes, accessories, home decor, EVERYTHING is gorgeous. The iconic mini clark bag is a must-have (and it does come in several colors) :
Sézane - Mini Clark bag

Sézane – Mini Clark bag



  • Furla : the perfect mini-bag shape, available in dozens of colors. Once you get one, you might get obsessed and dream about starting a collection :
Furla - Metropolis bag

Furla – Metropolis bag



  • Coach : a touch of gold to light up your parties :
Coach - Metallic pebble leather crosstown

Coach – Metallic pebble leather crosstown



  • G.Alaix : here is a talented young French label, just like the ones I like to discover  through fashion blog readings and social media. Not too small, not too big, the Arno bag is a great alternative for those of you who still need some space :
G.Alaix - Arno Saia brown bag

G.Alaix – Arno Saia brown bag



  • Amélie Pichard : if you wand to stand out, adopt this refreshing “croco bag” :
Amélie Pichard - Black croco bag

Amélie Pichard – Black croco bag



Jacket Upgrade


Feeling tired of always wearing the same basics ? You don’t necessarily need to upgrade your whole wardrobe to create a jaw-dropping look. Sometimes, a basic tee-shirt and a pair of jeans can lead to wonderful results if you top it up with a unique, out-of-the-mundane piece : a statement jewel, a nice pair of shoes, a colorful scarf…

Today, let’s try with some beautiful eye-catching jackets : sequined blazer, embroidered jacket, colorful kimono, you’ve got the choice !


Asos - Embroidered Trophy Jacket

Asos – Embroidered Trophy Jacket


Sézane - Pouchkine Jacket

Sézane – Pouchkine Jacket


Isabel Marant - Jasia Jacket

Isabel Marant – Jasia Jacket


Zara - Embroidered Jacket

Zara – Embroidered Jacket


Anthropologie - Palais Velvet Kimono

Anthropologie – Palais Velvet Kimono


Sézane - Maxim Jacket

Sézane – Maxim Jacket