Feather (earrings) Fever


Spring has sprung ! We are finally on Daylight Savings Time mode, the sun is getting warmer and warmer, and when it comes to getting dressed we can finally consider to leave the house without the heavy winter coat.

In terms of fashion, every spring is like a mini-reinvention : whether it’s about wearing more colors, trying on a new kind of make up,  or daring to buy clothes that I find a little bit extravagant, I like to operate small changes to my style and try new things.

This year, it appears I have a thing for feathers.*

If you’re familiar with my blog, you must have noticed my love for Gas Bijoux jewels. Their Spring/Summer collection is full of jaw-dropping, majestuous feather earrings. I picked an orange-coral-pink combination for a colorful effect :

Feather earrings - Gas bijoux

Feather earrings – Gas bijoux

My Instagram wanderings often lead me to discover some cool, confidential small fashion brands. I recently stumbled across Youh Youh Les Indiens (what a cool name !) a hippie-chic French jewellery brand. I fell in love with these black feather earrings and instantly ordered online : super-affordable and uber-cute (and it even comes with a thank you note !)

Black feather earrings - Youh Youh Les Indiens

Black feather earrings – Youh Youh Les Indiens


*(and denim, but we’ll talk about that in another post !)