As keen as mustard


It must be my annual tired-from-winter period, but I feel like adding some brightness to my wardrobe. Don’t you have that too ? This time around February, when Christmas excitement has faded away, when you’re done eating chocolates and crepes, and think : ‘and now, what’s the next seasonal event to look forward to ?’ Well, unfortunately Spring isn’t exactly around the corner yet, but every year I try to act like we’re almost there by switching from my winter wardrobe to the almost-spring one, even if it’s still as cold as a canadian winter outside.

This year, I set my sight on mustard and saffron yellow. When I was a kid, yellow used to be my favorite color, and I used to justify myself by saying it is the “color of happiness”. I asked my parents to paint my bedroom in yellow, I always picked the yellow marker when I played board games, I thought a drawing without some yellow touch looked excessively sad…

But the thing is, yellow is a complex color when it comes to fashion. Pick the wrong tone and wear it with black, and you will look like a bee ! The mustard and saffron yellows are a great compromise : they spread happiness without the too-much effect 🙂

Mustard knitwear - Maje

Mustard knitwear – Maje


Mustard floral print blouse - Newlook

Mustard floral print blouse – Newlook


Safran metropolis bag - Furla

Safran metropolis bag – Furla


Mustard sweater - Mango

Mustard sweater – Mango


Saffron Scarlet blouse - Sézane

Saffron Scarlet blouse – Sézane