Treat of the day


Sometimes, you just need a little something to light up a gloomy day : a good laugh, a compliment, a kind text from your loved one, a smile from someone you don’t know… or a little something that you buy for yourself, for no reason, just to treat yourself well.

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are just perfect for that : tons of colors available, at a very affordable price… The only risk is, you might become addicted !




Baby it’s cold outside


Oh well… this is that time of year again when  the sun puts itself on a part-time schedule, everybody sneezes around you and seasonal depression starts to ruin your mood. And as if it wasn’t enough, the end of Daylight Savings Time is around the corner AGAIN (when are we going to adopt it all year round ?)

At least, one comforting thing is, it’s time to look at the cute new coats you could buy to survive this winter !

Let’s start with some inter-seasonal pieces (there are still a couple of afternoons when the temperature is OK-ish). A trench is perfect for these days when the sun has decided to stay in bed but the weather is still mild.

But not any trench : the sky is already grey, you don’t want to look like any other woman out there, right ?

Add some fun with a trench topped up with leather details, or with an unexpected suede trench :

The Kooples - Trench coat with leather details

The Kooples – Trench coat with leather details


Topshop - '70s Belted Suedette Duster Coat

Topshop – ’70s Belted Suedette Duster Coat


When real cold is here, time to get serious with some beautiful coats that will almost make you like winter :

The Kooples - Sheep shearing-style coat

The Kooples – Sheep shearing-style coat


Asos - Parka London Alana Tuxeco Whool Coat

Asos – Parka London Alana Tuxeco Whool Coat


Sézane - Elvi Peacoat

Sézane – Elvi Peacoat


Mango - Leopard printed coat

Mango – Leopard printed coat





Chilling on Facebook isn’t always a waste of time. Especially since the social network enables brands to massively advertise on our newsfeeds. I have to admit the targeting is very well done : most ads I see are for clothes, jewels or beauty products (or marketing consulting companies, but that’s another story).

That’s how I got to discover a very interesting new jewelry brand : LÕU.YETU.

Cool name, right ? (French people will understand). Intrigued by the beautiful set of bracelets that were displayed on the ad, I decided to dig a little bit. Currently, the brand only sells through private physical sales. The next one was planned a couple of days later in Paris : perfect, I signed up and here we are, in a cosy parisian apartment.

Warm welcoming, cosy feeling, small pastries and beverages to make you feel comfortable (a lot of other jewel enthusiasts too), it felt like heaven for any fashionista.

Now, the jewels : a surprisingly rich collection of gold-plated bracelets, rings and necklaces.  The jewels are resistant to water, and any adventure you might want to bring them into. The clever thing is, the more you stack bracelets and necklaces, the better they look !

Lõu Yetu - Stacking bracelets

Lõu Yetu – Stacking bracelets


And here are my findings :


Lou Yetu - Gold plated  bracelet

Lou Yetu – Gold plated bracelets


Lou Yetu - Gold plated bracelet

Lou Yetu – Gold plated bracelets


An e-shop should soon open (in October), I’ll keep you posted !



Fashion Week(s)


Did I ever tell you how much I love travelling ? Be ready for a stylish world tour of my favorite trends from the Summer/Spring 2016 Fashion Weeks :

  • MILANO – Alberta Ferretti ‘Goddess in the desert’ styles
Alberta Ferretti - Maxi white dress

Alberta Ferretti – Maxi white dress


Alberta Ferretti - Long printed dress

Alberta Ferretti – Long printed dress


  • PARIS – Courrèges makes a come-back

The clear, impeccable geometric cut from the 60’s mixed with the it-fabric of the season :

Courrèges - Robe courte daim

Courrèges – Deer mini dress


  • NEW YORK – Marchesa dresses : back details
Marchesa - Black lace back

Marchesa – Black lace back


Marchesa - Maxi black dress

Marchesa – Maxi black dress


  • LONDON – Burberry Prorsum military inspired jackets and light dresses
Burberry Prorsum - Back & gold coat

Burberry Prorsum – Back & gold coat


Burberry Prorsum - Light yellow dress

Burberry Prorsum – Light yellow dress



Graphic fall – Suncoo


One of the greatest perks of my current job is its location : right by one of the most famous fashion department store in Paris. Lunch breaks often turn into wanderings through the alleys of the ready-to-wear fashion floor.

This is how last time, as I was checking out the latest pieces of the fall collection on a low mood Monday, my eye got caught by the Suncoo corner. This rising French label did a really good job in releasing a very modern, graphic yet very classy collection. Just what I was looking for to perk up my look this fall !


Suncoo wild printed short dress

Suncoo wild printed short dress


Suncoo black shorts

Suncoo black shorts


Suncoo graphic sweater

Suncoo graphic sweater


Suncoo black dress

Suncoo black dress


Suncoo printed skater dress

Suncoo printed skater dress


Suncoo printed tee-shirt

Suncoo printed tee-shirt



Red isn’t dead


Red is making a spectacular come back this fall on the catwalk (and on my wishlist).

It seems like we’ve been spending the past few years trying to soften it some more accessible, less dramatic alternatives like coral and plum. I’m glad that the powerful, bright red is back though.

Whether it’s just small accessories or a total look, dare to wear it !

Furla - Metropolis cabernet bag

Furla – Metropolis cabernet bag



Maje Radiale red dress

Maje Radiale red dress



Sézane - Red Marly shirt

Sézane – Red Marly shirt


Chloe - Georgia mini red bag

Chloe – Georgia mini red bag


Lenny B (Lola Jones) - Paradis bordeaux romper

Lenny B (Lola Jones) – Paradis bordeaux romper



Liebster Awards


I have been nominated for an Award. Yes. I can die now.

Well, let’s calm down, for now it’s just the Liebster Awards : an award given to new bloggers as an encouraging kick-off by other members of the blogging community.

Liebster Award


Let’s see the rules :

  • As a nominee, I first have to introduce myself with 11 wow revelations about who I am. Hmm, let’s keep it fashion-related :

1. I am a bit too obsessed about coral clothes and accessories. Isn’t it the smartest, most beautiful color in the world ?

2. I started picking my own clothes at a pretty early age, by pointing at my favorite dress with my finger as I could barely speak. My mom can testify.

3. Later on, I started to get known in high school as “the girl who always have impeccable, painted nails”.

4. I don’t like platform shoes. Girls, seriously ?

5. And I am still wondering why guys dislike flat shoes that much.

6. I don’t think I’ve ever worn jogging pants, except for actually jogging. Sunday at home, you say ? Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

7. Sometimes, I make my own jewels so that they match perfectly with a particular piece of clothing that I have. Never better well served than by yourself !

8. I’m dying to wear an Elie Saab dress one day (even just for one night)

9. I have a hard time with dressing “casual”. I’m trying, but it actually takes so much effort !

10. My closet pole starts sagging in the middle. I guess it’s not strong enough…

11. I’d like to learn fashion design. But there is a minor problem : I suck at drawing.


  • Then, Mathilde from mathildescloset who nominated me for this award (thanks again Mathilde!) asked me 11 questions that I’ll try to reply to :

1. Why did you start a blog ?

I have always been into fashion. Just like all the girls, I thought. But then I realized I was actually way more into it than most of them. So I thought I should do something concrete about it.


2. What is your most favorite thing about blogging ?

I get a chance to make the best of my 2 favorite pastimes : fashion and the internet.


3. What do you want to do when you grow older ?

Build a fashion empire. That’s it.


4. What’s your favorite movie ?

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time with “favorites”.


5. Where have you travelled to ?

Mainly North America where I have lived for one year (Canada, US) and Europe (UK, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece).


6. Karma or destiny?

Karma. I like to think about this quote that sounds a lot like me : “Get up, dress up, and never give up” !


7. What is your guilty pleasure ?

Mini doughnuts and mini bags (Chloe, Furla and so on).


8. Damon or Stefan? Lucas or Nathan? Edward or Jacob?

Oops, I have no idea who these people are… Am I getting too old ?


9. Tea or coffee ?

Tea before bed, coffee after bed.


10. What is your favorite city ?

Sometimes Paris, sometimes Toronto, sometimes London (remember number 4).


11. Which season do you prefer (as related to fashion) ? 

Summer : for the little dresses, the swimsuits, the colorful jewels.





Meet Sézane


Here is a brand & start-up that looks a lot like the one I hope I will myself create one day. If you don’t know it yet, Sézane is a young french brand that sells clothes, accessories and lifestyle items online.

As a digital marketer, I love the business model and strategy : unlike most brands that follow the spring/summer and fall/winter collection plan, Sézane releases one limited collection per month. Only sold online (a boutique should soon open in Paris though). Even though it didn’t seem to be a conscious strategy in the first place, there is no better way to create an addiction…

To spice up the game, the brand regularly collaborates with some other trendy designers. The latest collaboration gave birth to an oh-la-la collection with Madewell, J Crew’s little sister, in the US.

The products are sold online through a very well designed, inspirational platform that invites you to spend your whole afternoon looking at the pictures. The customer experience is optimized so that you feel taken care of from A to Z : free returns, customer service, and so on.

And of course as a fashionista, I love the designs. The clear cuts. The mix of casual and chic. The ethnic touch. The classy minimalism. Enjoy !


Keaton teddy- Sézane

Keaton teddy- Sézane


Mini Clark bag in beige - Sézane

Mini Clark bag in beige – Sézane


Cassis blouse - Sézane

Cassis blouse – Sézane


Dolce rompers - Sézane

Dolce rompers – Sézane


Penelope Bikini - Sézane

Penelope Bikini – Sézane


Patchwork blouse and bucket fringe bag- Sézane

Patchwork blouse and bucket fringe bag- Sézane


Charlie sandals - Sézane

Charlie sandals – Sézane



Let’s dress up


Unless you are a billionaire (not the case yet) or work as a fashion model (never will be) you will hardly ever have an occasion to “dress up” in your every day life. Well, that’s actually more than that : you have no excuse for wearing such classy outfits. Just try to go to a friends’ party with a dress that is a bit more sophisticated than usual and a pair of shoes that are a bit classier than the average : everybody will ask why you are so dressed up. And you better have a good reason, otherwise you will be remembered as a highly suspicious person !

The phenomenon seems to be even truer in France. The country of fashion, style and elegance, bla bla bla… even though our European or American neighbours don’t always master the art of being classy as much as we do, at least they got a sense of what “dressing up for going out” meant.

So, I’m having a hard time expressing my craze for sparkly gowns and foolish accessories in my every day life. I may be overdressed most of the time*, but that’s nothing compared to what I wish I could wear from time to time.

I mean, something like these astonishing masterpieces from Zuhair Murad :

Zuhair Murad black & white dress

Zuhair Murad white dress



Zuhair Murad resort

Zuhair Murad gold dress


Or the equally beautiful wonders of Elie Saab :


Elie Saab black dress

Elie Saab spring

Elie Saab orange dress

Elie Saab beige dress

*I have recently been categorized by a member of the male group** as someone with a “classy style”.  Which I must admit is true : if I had to pick up one outfit for a regular Sunday in less than 1 minute, my instinct would go for a dress and a pair of matching sandals rather than the yoga pants.

** You know, these people who usually just call a dress a dress, whether it’s a super sophisticated lace dress or a sponge dress that you would wear to go to the gym.

More fab here :



Bikini Wanderings


Finding the right bikini is always an adventure in itself.

First, the shape : which one is better for my sihouette ? So many possibilities : bustier, triangle, a small dose of push-up here and there, one-piece, bandeau with or without straps…

Although this hasn’t been my cup of tea since now, I have to recognize that the one-piece is making a great come-back :


Simone Perele Elya Red Monokini

Simone Perele – Elya Red Monokini


Eres Alliage One-Piece Swimsuit

Eres – Alliage One-Piece Swimsuit


Then, the color : black, colorful, printed, floral, ethnic ?

I would more favorably give my vote to the bright colors team, but my heart is balancing between printed and color block :


Seafolly - Kabuki Bloom Bandeau

Seafolly – Kabuki Bloom Bandeau

Amenapih - Coral Bikini

Amenapih – Coral Bikini


Billabong - Aloha Yo Bandeau

Billabong – Aloha Yo Bandeau


H&M - Coral Floral Bandeau

H&M – Coral Floral Bandeau


Amenapih - Plumteez Coffee Bikini

Amenapih – Plumteez Coffee Bikini


Seafolly - Shimmer Yellow Bikini

Seafolly – Shimmer Yellow Bikini


Pain de Sucre - Miles Red Bikini

Pain de Sucre – Miles Red Bikini


Once we have found the perfect swimsuit and go try it on, let’s not forget one super important thing : this bright yellow that looks so good on the tanned (and flawless) mannequin won’t have the same wow-effect on our pale, sun-deprived skin ! And that’s ok, we can totally plan something like a pre-holiday week to get prepared, right ? Or maybe just accept that we shouldn’t take pictures at the beach before the 5th day, that’s your call !